Friday, October 30, 2009

friday five: multiple choice

Remember multiple choice questions with the giveaway wrongs? One or two options were just out there. You'd sit at your desk, smug because you knew that of course the Pilgrims are not credited with developing the interstate system. Duh. When I taught, I didn't write many multiple choice tests because I always found myself really wanting to make each option seem totally believeable. It took a long time for me to write tests like that so I finally included a few of my own giveaways.
Edited to add answer & comments.

Here is my Friday Five. I offer you one giveaway, but you'll still have to figure out what really happened this week. I hope you studied.

A. We won a 50 Kuwaiti Dinar (kd) gift certificate to the Sultan Center, our local grocery store. (50kd ~ US$160)
I wish. I can't remember the last time I won anything.
B. Justin's JV soccer girls played their first game on Wednesday and lost 2-1. They were bummed but still excited about their next game this Saturday.
The girls actually won 1-0 and showed up on Saturday to play a team that didn't show.
C. On Thursday night, we went to a new mall whose stores include Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, and Bottega Veneta but, surprisingly, did not have a Starbucks.
This is actually the correct answer. Justin got a super sweet drink from a place called D'Lush, which makes so little sense in a dry country.
D. Justin uses my treadmill room and the attached bathroom as his greenhouse. On Tuesday, I caught Claire dumping potting soil into the bidet.
Our third bedroom is a copy of our master bedroom. Big enough for a treadmill, ironing board, clothes drying rack, Justin's desk and chair, and all the little garden plants he's growing on a shelf by the window. In the attached bathroom there is potting soil, empty yogurt and orange juice containers, and buckets of another one of Justin's projects: collected sea glass.
E. We are moving to Germany. For the beer. And then we are moving to France for the bread.
We aren't moving. That'd be nuts. Who moves away from a perfectly good job!?*
Okay. Post your guess with confidence. I'll let you know what really happened. Enjoy your weekend!
*When we decided to leave Wisconsin, Justin and I had classrooms across the hall from one another, and my father-in-law said a lot of things about us moving, one of them being that we might never find as good a place as where we already were. We didn't agree with him. So now the phrase "perfectly good" sounds more like settling for something that's really just alright.


Anonymous said...

I will come visit you in France!!! Whoo-hoo! Mom

jessica said...

I think the soccer one happened, and am definitely skeptical of the greenhouse/treadmill room.

If you really do like French bread, have you tried making Mark Bittman's (crazy-ubiquitous) No-Knead recipe? I make it about once a week and don't feel like I need to move to France anymore.

Anonymous said...

I can sww Claire dumping potting soil . Just not sure if you really have potting soil. Grams

Angela and David Kidd said...

The fact that your grocery store is named the Sultan Center is just awesome.