Thursday, October 8, 2009

almost five

In the afternoon. This is what my late afternoon looks like:

Outside our building there is a stretch of sand all the way to one of the main Kuwait roads about a half mile away. On either side of the stretch of sand, there are tall apartments. Someday there probably won't be a stretch of sand left in this neighborhood. Until then, I can see the cars on their busy road and beyond that, the Gulf. Today the Gulf is almost the same color as the sky so that if you didn't know there was water there, you wouldn't see it. It isn't cloudy or very sandy, but the Gulf still isn't clear. On the days when the air is clear, the Gulf makes me very happy. I dreamed of living so close to so much water. Just to watch her white waves.

On this stretch of sand, men have marked off soccer and cricket pitches and they gather on their way home to kick goals or - well, I don't know much about cricket except that there are wickets and overs involved. Cars drive right through the cricket pitch outside our windows - the sand is snaked with shortcuts between roads - and the game stops for a moment.

Most of the buildings here are the color of sand. So much of it blows around that if apartments or offices or schools were another color, they'd just look dirty. A lot looks dirty anyway. Trash heaps, ruts in the dirt roads filled with rubbish, empty plastic bags floating by our window on a hot wind. It is very odd for me to look around and think: Well, yes, this is where we are and there is a lot of trash here. And then think: Oh well. I used to go crazy mad when I'd be out running in Wisconsin and see tossed soda bottles and beer cans, a dirty diaper on the shoulder of the road. I didn't understand why you had to toss your garbage out the car window right now. And here, I'm not crazy mad. I get crazy mad about other things, but not trash. At least not yet.

I love the color of light in the early morning and then again as the sun is setting. When the sun is setting, the light feels yellow. It feels very calm. It feels like a long exhale. It feels like you can rest now.

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