Sunday, September 27, 2009


On our way! We traveled much lighter than when we left for Colombia. Which is why I keep looking for something that I left in my parents' basement.
Claire was a cheerful travel buddy. Most of the time. Just like I was a cheerful travel buddy most of the time.
Justin napping at the Frankfurt airport. Yes, that is a frankfurter we ate for lunch. I could not resist. (Get it?)
At the Kuwait airport we saw an Egyptian bride. They arrive dressed ready for their wedding, even if it is ten o'clock at night. I might have shied away from snapping the picture, but the happy couple was accompanied by a man filming their walk through the airport so what's one more flash?
Claire loves her big windows. She pats them, bangs them, slobbers raspberries on them. We look out at the sand, sand colored apartment buildings, a row of palms, the Gulf, trucks driving across the desert, and a dumpster. We talk about all of it.
Yes. I had to mop the floor by myself. Justin took a picture to commemorate. I was going for the Happy Housewife look. (Tomorrow our new maid/nanny and I will choose a day for her to clean each week).
This is our shoe pile. The shoes made me smile because of the two little pink shoes.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!
Miss you guys.
Aunt MaryGrace

N.D. said...

love looking at the pics : ) you guys are troopers!

Angela and David Kidd said...

I've been in that food court in the Frankfurt airport!

Love the pictures. Hope that new maid works out well for you!