Tuesday, September 29, 2009

big belly

Sometimes I still miss my pregnant belly. And now that Claire is almost one, I find myself thinking about the anticipation and joy and nervousness and impatience of the last couple of weeks before her birth. Justin and I have both been going through her newborn pictures (how tiny!) and I took another look at my belly shots.
Five months? I thought I looked sooo pregnant. My belly button had just popped.
This is the Grape look. Less than two months to go.
Still amazes me (and weirds me out a bit!) what the female body is able to do.
Her tiny feet were jammed into my lungs.
Doesn't he look like he knows he got away with something?
At the baby shower, Josh thought he might pull off a pregnant look. I win.
One of my favorite big belly shots. This is a maternity shirt my Mom wore when she was pregnant with me. I still had a couple of weeks to go!


Angela and David Kidd said...

You were ALL belly. Amazing. Isn't it amazing to look at pictures from just a year ago and see how much things have changed? A woman at work gave me an article about how mothers need to stop and be in the moment and already I wish I could go back and be in the moment of some of Zach's baby pictures.

N.D. said...

haha you look so cute!! are you thinking #2? I miss the newborn days.. and the excuses I could get away with when prego!