Wednesday, September 16, 2009

and I really am

Last night, ASK hosted an iftar or breaking of the fast, a traditional big meal that starts at sundown during Ramadan. Fasting Muslims spend their days not eating or drinking and spend their nights making up for lost meals. In Kuwait, the iftar is called the (phonetic spelling ahead, as I have no idea how it's actually spelled) fah-tour. Perhaps by the end of the meal (Krispy Kreme donuts and Arabian sweets laden with honey to finish!), you might just say what a great fat-you-are. Ha.

Anyway, we were eating and sweating in the school courtyard, and talking with other teachers and their families. Rick asked me how I was.

"Fine," I said, "And I really mean that. I'm not just saying it."

Rick wanted to know why I really meant it. I had to think. Why am I really feeling fine? There are (always, always) non-fine things to gripe about but I am feeling bouyant. Content. Not drippy happy sappy, but pleased and content.

I told him, I think it's because I'm enjoying my days. I didn't know what to expect of staying at home but it's still going well. (Still going well is such an optimistic spin, isn't it? Like any day it might not be going well at all. And when that happens, my friends, I have a stash of Ritter Sport chocolate bars in reserve). But this is what I like: I don't yet feel any nagging boredom or exasperation at being a mom. I didn't expect to feel any more bored or exasperated at this job - mamahood - than I felt at any other job - paper route gal, cat-sitter, babysitter, library book shelver, Alumni Relations envelope licker, DOT gopher and road survey editor, Pizza Hut delivery driver, teacher. Did I miss any?

And a few people here are reaching out in thoughtful ways. Last night one of our neighbors promised to send me a phone number and website for Happy Chappies, a Montessori school nearby that offers parent and baby programs. She did and I think I'll look into one of the afternoon activities. I'm also checking out the British Academy of International Arts for cooking classes and (I'd really enjoy this) printmaking. In November I might run with the high school cross country team once in awhile. So life here continues to come together. Not a bad first month.

Racking up my miles on a treadmill. I'm running early in the morning, around 5:30, so that I'm finished by the time Claire wakes. I've been managing between nine and ten miles a day, five days a week. Marcia and I are hoping to figure out a set day or two a week we can meet up for runs and another new friend, Ramona, and I have talked about finding the local Hash. And, for the first time in my life, I'm running with an ipod. I've only sent it flying off the treadmill twice. Better the ipod than me, I guess.


Joanna Goodman said...

love to hear about your daily life. I'm glad that you're enjoying mamahood and those classes sound like a lot of fun. I think you would be an excellent addition to a group named the "Happy Chappies" :)

Angela and David Kidd said...

So glad you are "fine." The routines and life you are putting together sound great. I don't know what I was expecting your life to be like over there, but it seems much more normal than I was expecting. I didn't mean that to be as ignorant as it sounds.

9-10 miles a day on a treadmill - that's impressive.

And you asked on my blog about what motivates me. Honestly, different things at different times in my life. Right now with my training it's the pursuit of that light fast feeling where running (and biking) just feels effortless. It sounds cheesy, but sometimes running can feel so freeing. I love that feeling and I love doing a morning run and just feeling like it's so easy. But I have no motivation for the pool right now. It's a problem.

N.D. said...

You are running 9-10 miles on a treadmill in the morning and don't want to stab yourself? I only run on the TM 3 days a week and it is BRUTAL! Good for you! and i'm glad things are going well w/ your transition. I wish it was as easy for me at first!