Monday, August 3, 2009

writing blog

I just created my writing blog:

A long address, I know. But feel free to hop over and check it out. The purpose of that blog will be to chronicle my writing process as I attempt (and succeed!) at writing my first book. I will be very open about what I learn about writing, particularly about tackling a big project. I'll also share other blogs I find interesting or helpful and both online and print resources I use. At times, the blog will likely delve into my own doubts and gigantic pity parties will be thrown to lament my never having any good ideas or time or discipline or whatever. But I am hoping for a great end: 31 July 2010 is my self-imposed deadline. One book.

Follow along if you like. Send the blog address to friends who might be interested. I'd like to find some good online writing friends.

Meanwhile, this blog will remain the same for friends and family. Writing thoughts will overlap at times.

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