Friday, August 7, 2009

on wisconsin, on wisconsin!

This is my little sister Ellie. This summer she got a spacer for her palate - so her front teeth are creating a big gap so that her other teeth have a chance at coming in straight. That probably isn't what you noticed about her first though. She's goofy.
Ruth and I took a quiet day at the library. She sat with a stack of American Girl magazines (so prim and proper!)...
...while I enjoyed an hour of uninterrupted writing time.
Claire likes her Grandpa's whiskers!
Here we are at the county fair! Claire loved the sheep and cows and I think Grandpa enjoyed carrying her around. Gracie, a.k.a. the Baby Whisperer, was very attentive.
Okay. So the first carousel ride was fun but the thumb was more fun.
Claire's first tractor pull held her attention better. Wonder what that means.
Stair steps. Gracie, Ruth, Ellie, David and Daniel.
Little happy family. Our time in Wisconsin is flying now that we're less than two weeks from boarding our next plane!

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Natalie D said...

awww great pics!! looks like you are having fun!!