Thursday, August 13, 2009


Yesterday I ran eleven miles and Mom biked along. It was great. But I kept thinking about how many styrofoam cups I was putting a match to with each wasteful exhale. That's because my brother posted this on his blog the other day. Check out the Freakonomics blog post he sited. It contains the phrase "According to Wikipedia" so you know it'll be good.

Shake it off and go for a good long run. Enjoy, enjoy.

But while you're on my brother's blog, poke around. He writes well. He makes me laugh and he also makes me stop and think. About more than whether or not my running is affecting global warming.

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Nate said...

I miss you, Sarah. Remember the time I tricked you into running all the way to Orfordville with me even though I really didn't want to run that far and we didn't really want to run back? I think that your contribution to global warming is forgivable and if they do start prosecuting I won't tell how many miles you put on Mom's treadmill, which somehow needs to be plugged in to let you run... um, nowhere. The physicist in me is just thinking about net work and that sort of thing. And of course I gave up exercising long ago. I love you!