Wednesday, July 22, 2009

to do or not to do

That is not really the question since it all must be done! Feeling ambitious about tomorrow (Wednesday):

1. Email current insurance guy about bridge program
done (still need reply) but also got a quote for my coverage for next year (which isn't as scary expensive as I was expecting)
2. Email new insurance guy about coverage start date and yada yada insurance stuff
also done and waiting for reply
3. Write for at least one hour (I'll even count journaling, this time)
cheap therapy since I missed my morning run
4. Decide what to do about Chaco sandals that fit but look too small but still fit hmm
going to return them and order next size
5. Wash a load (of laundry)
thanks Justin!
6. Run!
um, no. But I did run between ten and eleven miles on both Monday and Tuesday (yea for running on bike trails! and friends willing to bike along and chat!)
7. Have a giggle fest with Claire
sweet cuddling instead
8. Make an appointment for a haircut (February's cute bob is looking straggly)
9. Freak out about Kuwait (allowed ten minutes of wild worry)
I've got at least three minutes covered already!
10. Update dayplanner because it makes me feel cool to have things written in their spot
added what I far, not much: why do my actual days feel packed?
11. Confirm a few things (haircut! Chicago! run with Johanna!) that should have their spot in dayplanner
I emailed Kate about Chicago and Johanna about running
12. Email a friend I haven't emailed in ages
emailed two friends I hadn't talked with in over a year
13. Maybe cook dinner for my family - okay, I'll cook dinner and maybe I'll rope a sibling in to be my sous chef
managed this and the dishes!
14. Make a list of what we still need to buy before leaving (Penzeys Spices, a year supply of my notebooks & pens)
I ordered Pedipeds for Claire - does that count? I also flipped through a Penzeys catalog and decided I'll learn to cook and bake with vanilla beans rather than extract in Kuwait (no alcohol allowed)
15. Find one - just one - entry story poem in an old notebook to think about revising
I did! I found a three year old narrative poem about property disputes that might turn into something fun

That should keep me busy. Get up early. Seize that day!

Updates edited to add throughout Wednesday.


Lyndi and Rob said...


I hope everything is going well! I hate to add one more thing to your to do list, and I already facebooked Justin about it....but just in case ;)
We have not received the treadmill or any information that the treadmill even still exists. Before I call Ana Luisa and get run around in confusing and unhelpful circles, I wanted to touch base with you guys and try to figure out which ball got dropped. We would definitely love to have it brought to our apartment and try to sell it for you in a couple weeks when the newbies arrive, so that hasn't changed.
Just to make sure, our new address is Cra. 66A this the address you attached to the treadmill? Was anyone verbally told that it needed to be moved from your apartment to our new place?
Like I said, I plan on calling Ana Luisa hopefully tomorrow to see what is going on, but I was hoping to contact you guys first. Catch me on facebook or the blog so we can get this figured out and hopefully get you guys some money in the end!

OK, enough about that. I hope Claire is doing well and you aren't freaking out too much about Kuwait. Thankfully you've already gone through the whole moving overseas thing, so that's a huge help I'm sure.

Everything here is good, we are just attempting to enjoy the next two weeks of vacation before it all starts up again. Rob's sister who is visiting got Lasik this evening so I'm curious to see how things are for her in the morning. Justin's advice/info on that was very helpful for her.

All right, that's probably enough from me for now. When you get a chance let me know what address you'll eventually want me to send a check to if any more of your stuff sells. Also, do any of the new people still owe you money?


Anonymous said...

#13 sounds good to me. does that recur daily? mom

DC Running Mama said...

I heart my Chacco sandals. I CANNOT believe you can't even use vanilla extract to cook with? Craziness! Gigglefest sounds like a good idea and not something I do often enough!

Anonymous said...

#13 was wonderful! i hope you are training your sous chef well, so that she can step up to the plate (or stove, as the case may be) once you are soaking up vitamin d in kuwait! mom

N.D. said...

I wish that I could get as much done!!!

Just saw your comment, and this is the website. if you want to donate. Thanks for your interest :) and support!

DC Running Mama said...

Hey--I was thinking about you today. I'm a little worried about you blogging from might want to not include any social commentary while there. Everything is monitored and you don't want to put yourself at risk. Just a thought.

jsmarslender said...

Hey DC - Yeah, I thought about that. Thanks for the concern. Both Blogger and Facebook are not blocked in Kuwait, which surprised me. Still, I'll journal my commentary to keep any criticism to myself. On the blog I might state how things are without adding exactly what I think of how things are. I'll be cautious.