Thursday, July 30, 2009

on our own

When I was twelve or thirteen I saw a movie about three or four siblings whose mom dies and rather than be separated in the foster care system, they run away. They were looking for an uncle or cousin, someone who would keep them together and take care of them. They had a lot of adventures along the way and in the end, the uncle or cousin turned out to be very, very rich. I used to be (still am, still am - at times) morbid enough to imagine: what if my parents died? The best I could hope for was a very, very rich uncle or cousin.

My parents are not dead, but I do get the chance to be "on my own" with a pack of siblings.

Mom and Dad left for a weekend in Washington D.C. early this morning. I am hoping for them all good things: girl weekend for Mom, good visit with an old friend for Dad. And I am hoping they don't worry too much about what is going on at home. Last night Mom said that at least she wouldn't have to pick paint colors if the house burned down. We call her Bright Side Mom. She's just always looking on it. (Me too. I'm Sunny Side Sarah).*

Rather than let them worry, I'll just tell them what is happening here: this morning Mary Grace, David, and Danny came tiptoeing and whispering down to the basement while I was nursing Claire.

"Mary Grace had a dream," one of the boys said.

"And we're scared because it started to come true." Then tumbled out a tale of arms reaching out of drains and footsteps on the roof. One of them had to go to the bathroom. "Good luck with the drain!" another one wished the brave sibling.

Now we are waiting for Mary Grace's piano teacher and my mother-in-law to arrive. "You do know," I said to Rollene when she said she'd like to visit us this weekend, to help out while my parents were away, "That our house is - our house is chaotic?" She laughed. I think she'll have a lot to laugh about this weekend. Me? I'm going to get my survival run in for the day. On on this run, I promised I'd think about things like: who gets to play games on the computer when, whether or not we'll have a sugar cereal cartoon morning on Saturday, if Gracie can bake cupcakes today, the weekend's menu, laundry logistics, and how we'll juggle vehicles tomorrow.

*Can you find the sarcasm embedded in this paragraph?


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Joanna Goodman said...

It's funny, that movie you mentioned... For some reason that really sticks out to me from our childhood, and I was actually talking to Ron about it recently. I think when Nate and you and I were watching it, Nate was mostly thinking how miserable being stranded and/or hiking across the country would be with us and our (my) whining.

Good luck with those kids :) I wish I could help, honestly :)

Natalie D said...

THis sounds like fun. Glad you are enjoying it!