Wednesday, July 29, 2009

cross country revisited

Quick running update. Running in Wisconsin is glorious. The mornings have been cool, a little breeze, sometimes a little low mist over the fields. Yesterday I ran with Curt and a few of his high school cross country runners. Early in the morning. I ran to Curt's house and sat on the curb, waiting for runners to show. It was a small group - three girls, two or three guys, Curt - and we did an out and back run down a local bike trail. Thirty minutes out, thirty back.

I ran up front with a couple of girls for a mile or so. I wanted runner girl chat but there's a decade gap between us and they were busy talking about one of their jobs or a friends' job and I felt like a tagalong.

I tried to start a conversation. I learned how long each had been running cross country. Admitted that volleyball failed me too and I found running two and a half miles in heat, rain, and snow more fun than sitting on the bench. And then we ran out of things to talk about.

The girls' pace was slow and I didn't want to be that weird-adult-who-would-not-leave-us-alone so I broke away. In front of me was a senior boy named Kyle and he kept a good clip but I didn't want to catch up because I also didn't want to be that weird-adult-woman-who-likes-teenage-boy-runners (and everything can get skewed) so I kept between fifty and a hundred yards buffer. At thirty minutes out, Kyle turned around. A road crossing was just ahead and I have this thing about intersections and corners - I really like to say I ran to North Point Drive or I ran all the way to Highway P. So that morning, I ran to Golf Course Road N.

At the turn around I decided to go for a good negative split. I picked up the pace. I thought maybe I'd catch Kyle on the way back to town. I was feeling good - strong but not pushing too much. I'm a chicken about speed training and much prefer the safer route of let's just pick up the pace a bit. I cut two minutes and change off on my return (including a quick stop to chat with my old elementary band teacher out for his early morning walk) and did indeed catch up to Kyle. Curt told me that Kyle said I pushed him. Good for him, good for me.


The Real Me said...

Kyle would NOT want to be beat by a girl so good for you!!! :)

N.D. said...

Haha, it is hard to draw the line - when you said "that weird adult" Sounds like a good time. Thank you SO much for donating to my cause. I really appreciate it!

DC Running Mama said...

Isn't funny that we are old, now? I feel like I was a teenager yesterday, but I certainly don't look it. I'm glad you already decided to be cautious on your never know over there. They have a very different view of free speech.

jsmarslender said...

Hey Kelly - I might be tempted to race next Tuesday. : ) But I'm enjoying being injury free...

N.D. - You are very welcome. I hope you meet your goal!

DC - Yeah, time flies. Sometimes, thankfully. : )