Tuesday, June 30, 2009

vay cay shun

The first week of summer vacation is always bliss. No alarm clock, no homework. The days are long. You can read a book in two days, bike to the pool by yourself, eat too many secret M&Ms, and stay up late playing gin rummy with your sister. And then the second week of summer vacation comes and you regret to admit that you miss a little routine.

I need an alarm clock. This, in no particular order, was my day (so far):

Itsy Bitsy Chocolate Chip Cookies. I find a recipe and beat it to death. Today, spooning the half teaspoon balls of dough on the cookie sheet, and sprinkling each with the smallest pinch of sugar, I thought about meth addicts cooking a batch in a trailer. I think this needs to be my last run of Itsy Bitsy Wonderfully Delicious Dangerously Addictive Chocolate Chip Cookies for awhile. Okay, at least a week.

Putzed out nine miles on the treadmill while listening to a Sister Chicks book on CD my mom recommended. I did rachet up the last three miles to finish in the 7:20s.

Thought about what I could be doing with my time. Writing letters to people. Emails at the very least. Starting a Facebook account. Not sure I can commit to that yet.

Wished my online order from Eddie Bauer would hurry up and arrive. My sister Jo and I picked out a bunch of tops for our mom to try and Mom went along with all of this. So when the package arrives it'll be a "fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch!" to borrow a line from Kelly Kapoor.

Snuggled with Claire. What a honey. When she wakes up from a nap she docile and tucks her head into my shoulder. Once she's fully awake, she's all over the place. Twisty turny baby with her fingers reaching for everything just beyond her reach - but finding plenty to grab and chew.

Also made googly eyes with Claire and funny noises and enjoyed nursing my baby. Fed her a few bites of bananas and was happy enough she didn't throw them up immediately. Perhaps the key is to not mash them to the consistency of snot.

Made dinner with my sister Grace. Baked potatoes with bacon (gonna miss that in a few months) and sharp cheddar, sour cream. Mm. I rub the potatoe skins with olive oil and salt before baking. Fabulous. The asparagus turned out perfect too. Grace made chocolate pudding for dessert but that didn't quite set so Ellie and Ruth made the best of it by drinking dessert through a straw.

Laughed when I walked into the upstairs bath to find one of the sinks full of water and two plastic fish bobbing. That is one reason I like to have little siblings to come home to in the summers.

Started another short story I am going to make myself finish. For once it isn't remotely autobiographical and I'm not rewriting the same old same old. I'll let you know how it goes.

Checked out laptops online. I get a new one this summer. My own. This will be my writing laptop. It's time to type some of my work. Eeps. (Of course, it'll probably also be my procrastinating laptop. Spider solataire, anyone?) So when looking at the options, the most important factor was quite naturally the color. Deep violet is most appealing right now. Hm.

Played one and a half games of Bananagrams with Grace and was proud that I managed ambidextrous in one of the rounds. Justin and I joke about raising Claire to be ambidextrous. Can you do that?

Did a grocery run for milk, icecream, peaches and avocados. You know, the necessities. Tomorrow Grace and I are going to make tortilla soup for dinner - if the avocados are ripe. I about passed out at the price of a single avocado here.

Well, I didn't wake up to an alarm clock but I guess I did get quite a bit done today. Not bad, not bad. Tomorrow it's an alarm clock wake up for a run in the early morning. That is the plan, my friends.


Natalie D said...

whoaa sounds like you are filling up your time and doing so much! have fun, I remember being so bored last summer, then I started blogging and that felt better! how old is claire, I keep looking for a ticker thingie, cause I can't remember. That is so cute about when she wakes up from naps.

jsmarslender said...

She'll be nine months on the first of July. Growing fast!

Joanna Goodman said...

like to read your blogs, Sarah, and the fact that I'm mentioned in this one twice :) I had so much fun seeing you and just being together. I think I had a dream about us, and we were just being silly and ourselves, and I think to myself... I'm glad we have that. Tell all those kids hi from Jo (and tell Claire hi and kisses from her aunt) whenever your new schedule allows ;o} I completely know what you mean, because as much as I'd like to be around you all, I am glad to get back to routine, too. I was running out of steam staying up past 10 every night!!

Angela and David Kidd said...

I am SO jealous of your day. I am pathetic creature and habit of routine but I always think I would enjoy waking up and just letting the day take me where it will. But I'm guessing I could make this happen on a weekend if I truly wanted to but I'm just too damn tied to my routine. Sounds like you are having a great time with your family! Continue to enjoy it.