Thursday, June 25, 2009

reverse reverse!

I am back in Wisconsin. Our travel day last Friday was long. The Thursday night before, we said goodbye to Patricia and her two girls and several of our good friends and so I spent most of the later night crying and trying to fall asleep and thinking this can't really be the best way to spend your last night in Colombia. Sleepless and sad. I caught two or three hours and woke up at quarter to four to head to the airport.

I'll spare you our last DAS emigration checkpoint saga. The supervisor recognized me from my trip back in May. For once, my Spanish didn't fail me and there were no wrinkled brows or raised voices. That made things easier but I was still one of the last to board the plane. Love it, love it.

Our second flight from Miami to Chicago was delayed and delayed again and then circled above Chicago for twenty or thirty minutes before diverting to land in Indianapolis to wait out the weather on the ground. I am not scared of flying but I started to feel nervous when people around me began to say things like, "Wow. I've been flying twenty years and I've never been in such terrible turbulence." It was a roller coaster up there, all the belly flipflops and lightening flashes. I closed my eyes, breathed deeply and thought about angels and God. Claire slept through it all. Lucky.

Returning to your own country is sometimes more difficult than living in another culture. I've read about reverse culture shock and last summer felt it in a big way. My first week home last summer was not much fun: we met my in-laws in Ottawa and Justin and I both felt the stress of waiting for past conflicts to surface with them. We wandered around a little dazed by North America. It's a very weird feeling to look at all the choices and convenience and feel a little sick.

Reverse culture shock hasn't hit yet this summer. Perhaps because I was back in the States in February and again in May before moving back for the summer. Or maybe because my sister and her husband drove up from Texas for a week's visit so we've been busy chatting and playing marathon card games and - currently in progress - a rather aggressive game of Monopoly. (I don't play Monopoly. At some point - likely when my sister and I set up a game on our bedroom floor that lasted a week and included trading sticker collections when paper money ran out - I burned out on the game). So far, a wonderful time home.

P.S. I've been married four years today! Wow. We woke up this morning and talked about what the first four years brought us and what the next four might have in store. Great day. I love my husband.


DC Running Mama said...

Happy Anniversary! The choices, gluttony, self-absorbtion in the States is sometimes disgusting...but you can make your own circle in the sand.

Angela and David Kidd said...

Happy Anniversary! Claire must be a super easy going baby to handle that flying so well. Glad you are enjoying spending time with your family.

N.D. said...

We have the same wedding day!!! WElcome back! i hope it is an easy adjustment for all of you.