Friday, June 5, 2009

friday five: riding the rollercoaster

1. Last weekend we went to Marty and Ilsa's for a fabulous dinner. You know it's going to be fabulous when there is a deep fryer built into the kitchen island. They also had two little puppies. Claire size puppies.Then she fell asleep in a hammock while the rest of us watched the city lights.2. Yesterday I felt like the worst mama, the worst wife, the worst friend, the worst teacher, the worst worst. There wasn't anything that set that off, really. Just one of those awful days when you still answer "Fine" to "How are you?" Although I've been saying "Okay" when I feel like garbage because choking out a "Fine" seems too close to lying.

3. Gripe. That's greeep-ay. And I'm at the end of a week with it. Saturday at Marty and Ilsa's I could feel my head filling with snot and I came home, crashed, and staggered through Sunday, pushed through Monday, almost died Tuesday, and pulled it together for yesterday and today. At least my ears have stopped ringing and Dr. Roman assures me that I'll know gripe is on its last leg when I start coughing. I've hacked a bit today. So maybe tomorrow it'll be much, much better. Probably not, but maybe.

4. Graduation! My seniors are graduating tomorrow morning. We're going to the commencement but passing on the all night party at the club. Seriously, the party starts at eleven Saturday night and they serve breakfast at five Sunday morning. I was going to go but then realized: there will be eight hundred people there and I just learned today that there will be no open bar and, more importantly, no free food. I joked with another teacher whose daughter is graduating tomorrow that if I woke up at two in the morning, I might just make my way to the club.

5. Two weeks from today we leave! And I'm starting to get excited about Kuwait! Not much but a little! And if I keep punctuating everything with exclamation points, it seems wonderful! Really, though, I am in the mood to close a chapter.

There's a writing exercise I enjoy called 101. You make a list of 101 whatever: places you want to travel, foods you love, movies you've watched, childhood memories, dreams you've had. You can go anywhere with it. But 101 is tough because you usually sail along until you hit the thirties and by the sixties you're running dry. So you end up exploring ideas in different ways or wiggling your definitions and often it's in the last twenty or thirty items on your list that you mine bits of gold.

When we were getting ready to move to Colombia, I started two 101 lists. 101 Things I'll Miss and 101 Things I Won't Miss - about Wisconsin, our town, our school. Wow. So that's my weekend project. Get a start on my Colombia 101. Get things down before the details get murky. I'll share excerpts here.

Sneak peak of something I'll miss: We have a gigantic flowering bush outside our front door. The blooms are all wilty and peachy and remind me of women who have never had dirt under their fingernails.


Angela and David Kidd said...

Hope you feel better. I've never heard of gripe. Is it common in Columbia?

I've had those days where I just feel like the "worst" as well. It's amazing how you go to bed at the end of that day and wake up the next morning and no longer feel the "worst" but nothing has changed. Hopefully you have rebounded and are feeling the "best" now.

N.D. said...

wow, so how do you land yourself at these different places? So next year you'll be off for the year, but how cool, you taught while in columbia. OPen bar at a school event, yea.. right!