Friday, June 12, 2009

friday five: one week one week one week

1. School's out for summer! The end of the school year here feels like two weeks of please-return-your-books-and-make-sure-you-study-for-your-final-and-no-they-aren't-graded-yet. Our school has turned the end of the school year into an incredible process: in April, seniors take their exams; then in May, seniors go on "special schedule" before presenting their projects before finally graduating; underclassmen have finals broken up by a weekend and the last week of school is interrupted by a no student day when all the teachers from each grade level talk about who is failing. I picture stretching a wad of silly putty to see how far before it whisper breaks. On the last day, students wander in packs, waiting for final bell.

2. Paperwork! The end of the school year for teachers means gobs of paperwork to get initialed by a variety of administrative assistants and administrators. We all zigzag around campus and report to each other: someone saw Robin by the cafeteria, Matt's in his office. Quick, quick, with your pens! Teachers have another three days on campus so we've got plenty of time to get signed.

3. Bag addict. Yesterday we wandered aimlessly around Unicentro after a (short!) trip to the notoria for rubber stamps and signatures so that our boxes can (finally) be shipped back to the States. I kept wandering into stores to pick up handbags that I don't really need, unzipping and zipping, touching cloth and leather, judging color. And then I got home and looked up bags online to compare the inflated prices to what it might cost in the States. Justin gave me a look. "It's cheaper than buying," I said. Except, I want to buy. What I don't need. Gak.

4. Friends. Chatting with friends. I spent a good chunk of my day at school talking with friends I won't see for awhile once we leave next week. Really enjoyed the visits. Good people here and I will miss them very much.

5. I'm up to number 37 of my Colombia 101 List, scraps of my two years here. Here's number 19, one the new imports were all baffled by last year: The Colombian mullet. On men and women. On teenage boys, for soccer idols - and a braided rattail behind the ear. On women, I don't know why. I don't know why. They believe in the layer here and girls with thick tresses sometimes thin them out to a lousy mullet. Long shaggy mullets. I got one in January when an overzealous stylist couldn't add enough layers. I chopped it to a bob in Boston and vowed not to get so much as a trim until I return to the States. And number 14: The first time I said something in Spanish at Exito [a store here], a few days after arriving. Asking about Chilean red wine. "Vino tinto de Chile." And the lady understood me. Justin and I looked at each other and the bottle of wine now in my hands. "I just impressed myself," I said.


Clare said...

ahh, end of the school year! yeah, i'm going to be using the "no it's not graded, go away" (well, i added that part) line a lot next week!!!

N.D. said...

good luck w the end
I'm starting to envy teachers, I miss it so much right now

Angela and David Kidd said...

Sounds like the end of the school year is the same around the world. Enjoy your last week!