Saturday, May 30, 2009

three weeks and packing

Three weeks from today we'll be on our way home for the summer.

Home. Home is Colombia and home is Wisconsin and soon home will be Kuwait.

Anyway. Today was difficult for me. I was sad about leaving. I started packing boxes to ship ahead and was sad that it didn't take long to undo our home. I piled all of our pictures and art and little home things into a suitcase so that Justin can see that it can all be done last minute. Tomorrow I will put it all up again. And two weeks from now, I guess I'll wrap it all in towels and bubble wrap and crunched paper and stare at naked walls.

Justin and I talked about whether it's more difficult to say goodbye to this country because it is where Claire was born. We want her to have memories of her birthplace. Those memories will likely come through return visits. It helps for me to say that we'll come back, if only to visit. When I tell my department chair that I am going to miss Colombia, she suggested we consider Manizales. "It's a great place for kids," she said. We're open to that, returning to live. This country - chaos and beauty - is more deeply rooted in me after two short years than I expected.

I admit to Justin that I'm not sure what I'll think of Kuwait. Hot. Sand. Water. Malls. People hang out in malls in Kuwait because they are air conditioned. I am too busy letting myself feel this goodbye to think of a hello, nevermind imagining another place grabbing hold of me in a similar way.

Two years ago, I started a different blog to share our experience moving abroad. I babbled about preparations and goodbyes to old friends and the elation of chasing a dream to live abroad, a dream I'd held for a decade before realizing it. And this blog is seeing me through the close of our first job abroad.

Please bear with me.


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DC Running Mama said...

I hate goodbyes and ending eras...but with every end comes a new beginning. I think the experience in Kuwait will definitely be an interesting one...lebanese food will be your new content!

Angela and David Kidd said...

I am terrible with good byes and typically just avoid them. Kuwait is going to be amazing. Claire will experience more before she's 5 than most experience in a lifetime.