Wednesday, May 27, 2009

making check marks

Simplest summary of my time in Wisconsin is to revisit my list:

My Wisconsin List
1. Make Kate's wedding day a good one (yea, Kate!)
Oh, we had a great day. I spent the morning with Kate and her mom, Val, visiting her grandma in a nursing home who was, sadly, unable to attend the ceremony. Kate's grandma did get to wear her wedding corsage all day though. We got our hair done (first updo for me!) and hung out in the church basement waiting, waiting, waiting. The wedding ceremony itself was beautiful and short. Short short. Just vows. Watching them speak their vows to each other made me think about renewing mine someday. Oh, and I danced at the reception. Mostly by myself. A little stiffly. I just don't have too many moves to bust. But I had fun.

2. Manage a good toast (at least it's written)
First time I've talked to a big crowd and didn't get all shakey and warbly. I'm a teacher. I'm used to using a teacher voice and talking to a group but in my classroom, well, that's my space and those are my students and there's a comfort there that doesn't follow me into large groups of strangers. My hope was to deliver a thoughtful toast for Kate and Rob. I had things I wanted them to know and blessings to extend and I didn't want my own nerves to sabotage anything. Looking at it that way was good: this toast was for Kate and Rob - not the crowd, and not me. And I managed it.

3. Eat all the cheese I want
Gorgonzola on a salad. Sadly, not the cheese platter I'd envisioned. But I did ship a few blocks back with me.

4. Run outside, enjoy the cooler weather
I ran, ran, ran. Every run felt like a Rave Run. Gorgeous weather, hills that I could handle better than I expected, a new town to explore before Kate's wedding. Good runs.

5. Play Dutch Blitz or Sequence or Bananagrams with my siblings
I played one game of Bananagrams with Mary Grace and Ruthie and then took a nap. Maybe it balances out the forty-two kajillion hours we spent playing the game last summer.

6. Drink a cup of tea with Mom
Crammed this one in the night before Claire and I had to get up at four-thirty to catch a plane. I drank cocoa and Mom had peppermint tea and we still didn't manage to solve the world's big messy knots.

7. Introduce Claire to her Wisconsin family: grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, and uncles!
This was great fun. Claire was wonderful. She definately handles people better than me. Me? I didn't want to go to church on Sunday because the thought of seeing even more people made me feel nauseous. Claire danced from hug to hug though.

8. Do a grocery run for yummy Stateside stuff we can't get in Colombia: Blue Moon beer, chocolate chips, cheddar cheese, peanut butter (remember the salmonella peanut butter scare last year? That's when Colombia suddenly started stocking Peter Pan peanut butter and all the expats rushed to buy it)
Blue Moon beer made it back just fine. Two honey weiss bottle caps leaked in Justin's suitcase (yes, I made sure to pack the beer in his suitcase instead of my pretty red one). Oh well. Also stocked up on chocolate chips, packable brown sugar, walnuts, pecans, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, M&M minis, four bricks of cheese, yummy crackers, Sun Chips, a jar of natural peanut butter, and and and. I was impulsive. I'm sharing though. That has to count for something. It has to.

9. Take Claire on a walk, by myself
I'm counting the twelve hours of travel time together as bonding enough. Oh, that's twelve hours there and another twelve back. She didn't nap. Okay, she napped as the plane taxied to our last exit gate each day. She was too busy to nap. She learned a new sound so a good deal of our conversation was "Bah bah bah blahhhh." She giggled when I yawned. She ate like a fiend. Probably out of boredom or desperation or both. "If I keep Mama busy feeding me, she won't go crackers that this is our seventh hour SITTING ON A PLANE!"

10. Find a smidge of time to write, even if only a journal
I wrote a rapid page in the plane on the way from Miami to Cali while Claire was belted into the seat next to me trying to eat the tray table.

Pictures later. Not of Claire eating the tray table but of other things. You know, family stuff and wedding stuff.

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DC Running Mama said...

Good job!!

I can't imagine life without chocolate chips. Ghirardelli baby.