Monday, May 18, 2009

long run (check)

I managed between twelve and thirteen miles on Saturday morning. I ran nine - early - on the treadmill and then Stetson met me to do a fast loop around my neighborhood. A lot of hills, which I welcomed. I didn't run with a watch and I think that freed me to just enjoy the run. I find that when I run with a watch, I am forever checking: am I there yet? fast enough? slogging? The weather was perfect, too, sunny but still cool. We guessed the run was at least three. Maybe three and a half. Maybe. I'm happy with that. My legs felt fine.

(And then I hear my high school track coach, P, yelling at me that if I have that much left at the end then I wasn't really running, was I? It'll be a little while before I test my body to the brink of exhaustion. Still nervous enough about recurring injuries.)

And the pancakes with uchuva marmalade were so delicious I made them again this morning after I ran and Justin got home from biking. I'll be packing a couple of jars of that yummy marmalade this week when I head home for Kate's wedding. Eeps. Now that travel day will be a test of endurance.

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