Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mother's day

To me! And to other mommies, mamas, moms, and mothers! And to mamas-to-be!

I celebrated Mother's Day last year too. My belly was just showing. I thought I was starting to look pregnant but probably looked like I just ate too much lunch. My skin itched from stretching. I could feel my baby kick. I went for a run that Sunday morning and biked back to the apartment, stopping at Pomona for a few groceries. At the entrance, the store clerks were giving away chocolates to all the women and I smiled at my belly. I didn't yet feel impatient to meet my baby and I didn't yet know what being a mama would mean: that Mama would be long days and bleary nights, and that Mama would be baby sighs and lights of understanding and reaching arms.

Sometimes I look around the campus and see a pair of second graders weaving between trees at their recess, or middle school girls traveling in giggling packs, or a high school student staring at the ceiling fan. And I think: I'll get one of those some day. I'll get a second grader and a seventh grader and then I'll get a girl ready to go to college. And then I think: Yikes. Because I have no idea what my second grader or seventh grader or junior in high school will really need from me.

My mom figured it out. She's a wonderful mom. I'll figure it out too. And I hope that my baby, napping now with thumb in mouth and fingers hooked around her nose, will one day think I'm a wonderful mom too.


DC Running Mama said...

You paint such vivid images with your writing!!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Happy Mother's Day (belated)! I remember when I thought my belly was huge and then I look at those pictures and think "That poor girl, she has no idea what 10 days past her due date huge is going to look like."

You are an amazing writer. Like DC Running Mama said, you really do paint vivid images.

The Adventures of Lobby Girl ! said...

Sarah!!!!! I love your post. You will definitely figure all of those things out as you need to. For now, enjoy the journey Claire is taking you on. ;-), nira