Saturday, May 16, 2009

friday five returns!

1. Writing time. Justin is so good to me. On Mother's Day, in the afternoon, we took a taxi to Unicentro, a mall here, so that I could sit in a Juan Valdez coffee shop and drink too sweet iced deliciousness and write while he and Claire walked around. We did the same thing this afternoon and it was great. I'm working on a short story and making myself actually finish it. I'm spectacular at starting stories, essays, poems and leaving them in that raw "it could be good, maybe" stage. Sometimes I think it's just easier than revising and finding out that you have a rather dumpy piece of writing.

2. Long run tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes. It'll be followed by pancakes with uchuva marmalade so it can't be that bad.

3. Also, I think I found two races I'll run this summer. I might drive myself to one of them because Justin doesn't want to miss my hometown Fourth of July parade. Ahem. He also reads my hometown newspaper online and interrupts me asking if I know so-and-so from the police reports. (Usually we cut to the chase and make fun of one of the guest columnists who lived in the "south of France" a few years ago and still gives talks about her six months there. Anyone want to book for a slide show of Colombia?)

4. Jen and Marco had their baby! Isaac Anthony arrived a week ago and mom and babe are healthy. I actually saw Marco while I was writing at Juan Valdez last Sunday - coffee stop for the new, tired papa. He was so happy and chatted with Nira, Stetson, and me about the first couple of days with a baby in the house. Tomorrow a few of us are going to visit the new little family. So happy for them!

5. To Kindle or not to Kindle. That is the question. Justin and I are making wish lists for the summer. Stuff to buy before moving again. And I've been thinking about getting a Kindle since I love to read and books a. can be expensive and b. are heavy. We'll likely be abroad for awhile yet and shipping books is pricey. A Kindle could remedy that. We had our friends Rob and Lyndi over for lunch today (short work day) and she brought her Kindle along to show me how it worked, what the screen looks like. And then Rob tried to sell me a juicer and then it was steak knives that never needed sharpening. Ha ha. Really, though, the Kindle might be worth the expense. Unless I spilled a Juan Valdez on it.

Happy weekend!


DC Running Mama said...

I heart Juan Valdez!! There used to be one by my work and it was DANGEROUS. I swear I didn't sleep for a week. As for Kindle...I'm pretty tactile...I like to hold and feel books. But, being in your situation, I can see how it would make sense.

jsmarslender said...

Yeah, I'm wondering if I'd really miss literally turning the pages. I think I'd still want to have copies of my favorites to thumb through.