Tuesday, May 12, 2009

first trip to the zoo!

For Claire at least. Justin and I had not been to the Cali zoo but had heard good things about it so we went with a couple of friends this past Saturday. The zoo is home to a number of rescued or retired animals. It's a beautiful area too, in the city's west, bordered by the river.
Claire adored the coi fish. And I adored Claire. She cracks me up.See what I mean?
This is Stetson. Go to the zoo and bring a biology teacher. His roommate, Nira, also came along for the day. Good company.Can you believe that lizards this big were once the scourge of Cali's sewer system? Kidding. I hope.
Fine. Be that way.

And my favorite exhibit was the butterfly atrium. What I loved most were the rows of chrysalises becoming butterflies. They were so beautiful to look at and I wanted more. I wanted a room full of chrysalises.


Anonymous said...

Cool zoo pictures! And such a cute Claire too! Aunt MaryGrace

The Chapples said...

Cute picture of Claire! She's so expressive.