Tuesday, April 28, 2009

nap time

We are finding routine. I didn't know if that would really happen. For a long time I went with the assumption that at some point Claire would sleep for some time. I had a gap of hours in which this would happen: anytime between seven and nine in the morning; anytime between noon and three in the afternoon. And if we went swimming in the afternoon or out for a walk, then she might sneak a thirty minute snooze sometime between four and six in the evening. And I'm fine with all of this.

But for three days she's been finding her thumb and sleepy eyes around eleven in the morning. Fighting it, fighting it, and then conking out for an hour or two. And I've started to join her, on afternoons when I am not teaching. Since I'm getting up between four and five in the morning to start my day, that afternoon nap is wonderful. I feel so good.

At first, I didn't know if I'd be able to nap. I'm not a good napper. They usually catch me by surprise and don't let go. I wake up disoriented and sweaty. In college once I laid down at four in the afternoon and woke up seven hours later and did not know what to do with myself for half the night. Even right after Claire was born, my naps were scattered and my body could never quite lose its tension. But last week I gave napping another try: I laid down, closed my eyes, and had dreams.

When Claire stirs, I wake. She nurses and we enjoy a better afternoon together. I'm not busy getting tired so that in the evenings when Claire gets cranky and dinner is starting to burn (or, more likely, get cold), I am able to dig up more patience. Not vast amounts. Not yet. But I like to think being a mama is going to naturally endow me with an abundance of patience. At some point. Until then, the naps help.


Angela and David Kidd said...

That's great that you are napping. I've never been a napper and would try to nap while Zach napped but my mind would just race with all of things I could be doing. I've always been envious of people who could nap. My own mother is an amazing napper. Must not be genetic.

Natalie D said...

so she set her own schedule? that's awesome! I guess I shouldn't try to get nick into one, I should just let him do whatever...
sounds like he'll figure it out!
I can't nap either (like angela)
that's nice you can!!

Clare said...

oooh, glad she figured it out on her own. i JUST got a sleep book and am reading it, but not so sure i buy it. still, i'd LOVE it if andra would get more predictable with daytime naps. sounds like a little time might take care of it on its own!