Monday, March 23, 2009

take a holiday

I'll miss the three day weekends next year. Colombia, a Catholic country with lots of saints to celebrate, peppers its months with puentes or long weekends. I looked at our school calendar for next year in Kuwait and noticed a break in September, a few days off around Thanksgiving, and about three weeks for Christmas and New Year's. There's a spring break and, I think, a longer weekend for Easter. There are a few random days off for Muslim holy days. But not the liberal use of holy days I've grown accustomed to here.

Of course, next year I'll be on a Mom calendar with one day running into the next. Everyday's a weekend, right? But for our travel plans (Justin regularly leaves Internet tabs up, showing airline sites and tourist information for places like Amman and Goa), I keep track of the days off. Also, let's be honest, those are the days that I'll have Justin around to help corral the kid. Rather than just the evenings when we're both a little zonked.

So here's what we've been doing with our day off: We woke to a steady, thundering rain. I ran. I wanted to get twelve miles in and would've settled for eleven, but ended up with just over ten. Claire was a little insistent that I feed her compota de zanahoria y naranja and Justin had left for his bike ride by that time, the rain ending around nine o'clock. I made strawberry banana orange juice with spoon of honey and then I burned a pan of cookies. Angie dropped my bike off after borrowing it for the weekend, so I can bike to school tomorrow. Now we're preparing lunch. By we I mean Justin who is chopping tomatoes and onions for a scrambled egg. In the meantime, I'm lunch for a mosquito.

Still on my list for today: I need to figure percentages for one more class; tax junk; google exactly how much food Claire should be eating (I've been feeding her a little veggie or fruit baby food midmornings and rice cereal with formula or breast milk in the late afternoons. She seems to be wanting more but I'm not sure what amounts are healthy. She's still nursing four or five times a day too); maybe get an hour to write; and just enjoy one of my few remaining puentes.


Clare said...

10 in the rain is crazy! your days off sound great...i always look forward to when the jewish holidays fall on weekdays...we get more days off in the fall then!

DC Running Mama said...

It's so hard to know how much they should eat! I think every baby is different...

I love this quote: "In the meantime, I'm lunch for a mosquito."


Angela and David Kidd said...

Seems like a nice day off.

We just keep feeding Zach until he indicates he's full (and he certainly lets you know). Maybe that's what he's turning into such a porker.