Wednesday, March 11, 2009

running lately

I've started keeping track of my miles. I never did that before, except to note what I managed each week, forgetting it the next. I didn't write the miles down on a calendar or note patterns or actually plan running workouts. Right now, I've decided to aim for one speed workout each week and, now that most of my miles are logged on the treadmill, I need to add a hill run each week.
My running is stagnant. I'm getting the miles (8 - 10 each run) and enjoying those miles but that's it. No big races to train for, no long weekend runs to route. I just run run run.

I'm not running outside much. Last January, I switched to track running on campus after getting tired of traffic: car horns, exhaust, near misses (or near hits?). And a bigger reason for giving up on road running here was the men. Obnoxious men hissing and hollering. On one afternoon, a man on a bike grabbed at my chest as he passed by. I got tired of getting mad on my runs. (My running partner, Stetson, can attest to my temper. Let's just say I'm sometimes glad for the language barrier, although angry faces and raised fists don't require much translation. At least I didn't get shot). So on the track, I was in my bubble. Same with the treadmill now. I do get out on the road occasionally, running to school and back, but I need to return to the road regularly.
My friend Scott wanted to know if I was concerned about safety, if that's why I'm not running outside. Partly. Really, though, it's because getting a run in on my treadmill is so much easier. I'm able to get my runs in early in the morning, which I prefer. Running in the dark isn't a good idea here so I don't head outside for those early morning miles. Late afternoon, I'm beat and busy enough getting dinner ready around Claire's routine. On the weekends, Justin bikes most Sunday mornings and I'm not keen on running through midday heat after he returns.

That leaves Saturday and no excuses. Tell you what. I'm going to split my run this Saturday. Half treadmill, half road. I'll get out and run some hills, a short route that won't make me nervous about running alone. Or maybe I'll call up one of my running friends, beg their company. I'll enjoy it, a break from the usual.


N.D. said...

i hear you about the much easier. great idea to make meala ahead of time

DC Running Mama said...

We've been thinking about getting a treadmill...but I have to admit that I am a little nervous about getting addicted to it. It's easier, I think. But, after getting my butt kicked by the hills at the trail race this past weekend, I really need to be out there sweating it out on open terrain.

Clare said...

i agree about the treadmill being eaiser! i do miss outside runs though. when i've done them recently i've been so sore from the hills! and did i your daughter's name!