Monday, March 9, 2009

3 new things

Mysteries. My first year of teaching, I asked my junior/senior class what they wanted to read. All about choices, you know. So they picked mystery stories. We read five or six short mysteries and I got hooked. I like the book The Best American Mystery Stories of the Century. I've read mystery novels by a variety of authors (code for: I can't remember them all right now) and picked up a book by James Patterson on recommendation of my friend and fellow English teacher, Nira. Rather icky title of 1st to Die and I figured out whodunnit with about a quarter of the book to go. What I liked about the novel was that it centers on a group of four women (a cop, a medical examiner, a journalist, and a lawyer) bent on solving the murders together. There's a whole series but beggars can't be choosers when it comes to books published in English when you're living in South America. And then I picked up S is for Silence by Sue Grafton. I used to make fun of Sue Grafton when I shelved her books as a library aide: didn't she box herself into writing twenty-six books when she started off with A is for Alibi? What if she hated it after the letter D? I like the book so far - it reminds me of TV's Cold Case.

Rice cereal, bananas and apples. Not new to me but new to Claire. We started with rice cereal which makes a nice facial too. She did okay with banana today I learned that she loves her applesauce. I cooked apple slices for five minutes and then mashed them into sauce. We'll try these for three days and then move onto green beans before we give carrots a shot. Oh, the fun we have at Casa 09.

Etsy. I only discovered this site three days ago after hearing about it for awhile and I've already spent, like, forty hours looking at stuff. Okay. Maybe two hours. But sometimes I get to feeling guilty about putzing around online. It's like watching television: I feel a little twitchy if I stare at a computer screen too long. But Etsy, well, I can make an exception. Actually makes me want to learn how to make jewelry or start knitting or come up with something kitschy enough to net me a couple hundred bucks. (I thought about typing "millions" but decided that might be a little hopeful for someone who thought she'd go nuts just making all her wedding invitations).

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