Saturday, February 14, 2009

promised pictures: Cambridge weekend

Here's Boston. We actually stayed in Cambridge but got this view when we were out walking during the weekend. Claire meets Aunt Jo. We were so happy to see Jo and enjoyed visiting with her.
And Aunt Jo brought Christmas gifts. Claire was a little ho-hum about the whole affair but has since found a friend in her Very Hungry Caterpillar. For me: watercolor paints and brushes. I've been saying that I want to start painting again. Perfect gift. And for Justin: Math Curse by Jon Scieszka & Lane Smith. Hil. Air. Ee. Us.
Joanna read about a tea shop and decided we should find it on one of our walks. Good call, too. I had green tea bubble tea which I love but rarely get a chance to drink. Of course, this picture could have been taken in front of any boring, papered wall. But I'm telling you we were at a tea shop.And here's Claire getting some love from Grandma Kate. We really enjoyed the visit with Mom and Jo and know that they were each missed back at their homes. Thanks, Ron, for giving us a weekend with Jo. And Dad, thanks for making Mom get on that plane! And to the Littles (most of whom aren't so little anymore): thanks for letting me hog Mom for a weekend. Here's one last one of Claire on her Grandma Kate quilt.

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Anonymous said...

Claire is soo cute!!! Wish i was there. MG