Tuesday, February 10, 2009

good things

Some of the fun in Cambridge:
1. We did indeed get to Trader Joe's and brought back treats. Also spoiled ourselves with Gloria Jean's (iced cappuccino mmm) and Starbucks (peppermint mocha). We ordered Chinese in one night and ate out one afternoon at a Thai place in Cambridge called Brown Sugar. Wow. Tempted to return to the Cambridge job fair just for the mango chicken curry and pad Thai.

2. Run, run, run. I took advantage of the Hyatt's gym and ran four of the mornings. Really enjoyed running on a treadmill that didn't hiccup midrun. I logged forty miles - some of those were powered by the sheer elation of running in new shoes. I used to make fun of people who ran on treadmills. And now I'm one of them. I did feel a little guilty watching all the tiny runners brave the cold and wind along the Charles River while I was plugged into Regis and Kelly or CNN. I miss feeling that tough.

3. Claire was wonderful! Great little travel buddy. She was fussy only one leg of our journey and that happened to be on a planeful of other babies and toddlers so her cries weren't the only ones.

4. Meet the aunt and the grandma. The front desk called up to let us know my mom was on her way. I waited in the hallway. As soon as she stepped off the elevator and walked toward us, Claire was all smiles. Precious. Joanna and Mom had a great time carting Claire all over Boston one day. As soon as I get some pictures (ahem, Mom) I'll post a few. I think Mom and Jo got in some great cuddle time. With Claire, that is. And, you know, it was nice to see them. Now I'm excited for Claire to meet the rest of her family.

5. Diaper blowout. Something no one really tells you about before you have kids. The entire trip I kept waiting for Claire to poop. (Having kids means you have reason to talk poop although our friend Scott pointed out that poop is the topic of many an expat's conversation too). She finally did, the day before we returned home. Wow. Scary wow. She's a little person and you wouldn't expect so much poo. We were out to eat so Claire got a half bath in a sink. Thank God Mom was there to help me clean her up for the walk back to the hotel. Justin guesses Claire will remember her trip to MassaPOOsetts.

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DC Running Mama said...

hahaha...massapoo....we've had many of them. I'm sorry there weren't more leads at the job fair! That must be so stressful!! Hopefully something will work out. Re: running on a treadmill vs. toughing it out..I hear you sister!