Saturday, February 14, 2009

a few of my (current) favorite things

1. At this moment: Iceberg Radio. Better than the lettuce. Scott told Justin and Justin told me about this online radio. Music of all variety, no commercials.

2. Egg Salad with a bit of curry powder. Doesn't sound like it'd be that phenomenal and perhaps phenomenal is too strong a word but at least try it. Skip the paprika.

3. Jodi Picoult. (Pee-coh) She's like John Grisham with more emotion. That might not be the best description. Check out her website for more. I haven't read all of her books and she isn't one of my favorite favorite authors but sometimes it's nice to pick up a book and find a fast read. I did really like The Tenth Circle although now I can barely remember what it was about.

4. Rain. Brings a cool breeze and halts construction next door. Bring me a monsoon. The other morning we biked to school in the rain and the roads were like rivers until we crossed the stream that had overflowed.

5. Lost luggage that gets found. We lost a box on the way to Boston and a suitcase on the way home. I blame Miami International. But my suitcase was found so I can quit griping about it already.

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