Tuesday, February 3, 2009

all I want for Cambridge

Tomorrow, four-thirty in the morning we leave Cali for a job fair in Cambridge. In no particular order, here's what I'm excited about:

1. Trader Joe's is within walking distance. Yee haw. Cashew-coconut-dark chocolate trail mix here I come.
2. Soft bed, big bed. Ahh.
3. Magazines in English. I used to buy two or three magazines a week (Real Simple, Reader's Digest, Runner's World, Cooking Light, Vanity Fair, and the occasional gossip mag) in the States. Complete waste of money considering how cheap a subscription is but I really couldn't bring myself to subscribe to People. Even though I wanted to, badly.
4. Mom! She's coming to visit!
5. And sister Jo! Yea! Slumber party!
6. A few good runs.
7. New shoes! The new pair I hoarded for months and months? I wore them twice before they were stolen. (Not so) long story but unnecessary to go on about it here. Gak. So my arches, my ankles, my knees - oh happy, happy legs.
8. A job. I hope.
9. Dress fitting for my best friend Kate's May wedding. Gorgeous dress, can't wait to wear it.
10. Hot showers and lots of them.
11. The morning shows. Miss Diane Sawyer and The View yappiness. I'll probably only get to watch fifteen minutes of either but whatever. It's tv and it's live. That's enough.
12. Chinese food. Good Chinese food that comes in neat little cartons instead of tied-off plastic bags that look like someone's carsick sack.
13. Did I mention my mom and sister!?
14. Seeing a bit of winter. We haven't been in winter weather for two years.
15. Claire's first international flight. Is this something to be excited about?

I'm zonked. Good night. It's quarter after six and wind down has begun here. I'll post once or twice from Boston. Must finish packing and eat dinner and feed Claire. Wish us well.


Nate said...

You should find a sweet gig and get your brother a job...

jsmarslender said...

Love to, Nate. We'll just casually mention "I know this awesome math teacher who loves Vanilla Ice." That's right, huh?

DC Running Mama said...

I. love. Trader. Joe's.

Um...there's a limited # of hot showers???