Friday, February 13, 2009

5 minute post

I'm watching the clock. (So now I can't think of anything to say). Justin is giving Claire a bath and she's actually sitting up on her own - sort of a hunched sit and if she leans too far forward, she'll be eating the soap on the ledge of the baby bathtub. But still. We're amazed by how strong she is and how much she talks and blows raspberries and looks around the room and likes to stand on our laps and and and - we are just amazed.

Our friend Jason emailed us a month ago updating his and Michelle's parenting adventures. Mason is a few months older than Claire and Jason made the observation that what would have been unimpressive before (i.e. the baby babbles or reaches for the Cetaphil lid or smiles at you, big deal) is exciting now that we actually have our own babies.

I think five minutes is up and my own amazing baby is crying. It's wind down for bedtime. I aim to be in bed by eight-thirty tonight. Ambitious, I know.

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DC Running Mama said...

I'm the same way...I could never really understand why parents would give me the blow-by-blow of their child's development. But, when they go from blobs that do nothing to animated little persons, it is exciting!!!