Thursday, January 15, 2009

new routine

It's too early to say I've found a routine but yesterday and today went smoothly. Of course, yesterday was a curriculum day - department meetings and work time in the classroom - and today I taught two classes. I'm on campus three of five blocks most days, along with whatever break or lunch period is sandwiched. Have I already told you that?

Good news is I remember more of my students' names than I expected to. I felt like I was finally getting all the Juans and Danielas and Isabellas and Camilos straight when I went on maternity leave. So I asked my students for patience. Again. Virtue of the year: patience. And I told them that when I'm on campus, in class, I'll be present. I'll keep my mind to task. Other teachers ask me about Claire - do you miss her? did you cry? are you okay? - and the only way I can really enjoy this semester is to be present. At school and also at home. Keep fretting to minimum. Anyway, I'm hoping my students do the same - seniors especially. It's too easy to check out during last semester and I have grand plans for us.

Well, I'm going to go lay next to my sleeping baby and marvel at her long lashes and dainty fingers. She's wonderful.

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