Saturday, January 31, 2009

good vibrations

Saturday is still a work day for the construction site thirty meters from our front door. I lounged in bed this morning with Claire and a pile of toys, drifted off to sleep and dreamt of excavators and dump trucks and woke up to excavators and dump trucks. Some dreams do come true.

I think they're getting ready to lay asphalt. The really heavy roller machine was here today pounding the gravel flat. Our windows rattled. I could feel the vibrations from the floor up my legs. Claire laid down for a nap. Lucky.

But I did get out of the house today. Got my hair cut and my nails and toes painted and eyebrows threaded. Quite a day, right? Sonia, Nira, and Stetson watched Claire. Sometimes, I think it does take three people. Justin is away with the other grade eight teachers, checking out a spot for their spring field trip, so last night and today: just me and the babe.

Tomorrow is mama's day. I'm going to sit in Juan Valdez, order a coffee and pastry and write for an hour or two. Then I'll return to our humble abode and pack for the job fair. Two years ago, I was the obsessive one constantly checking new postings by schools, researching every country. Justin took that job this time. Yesterday we each made a list of our own top five countries and only one matched. One! Of course, knowing how these job fairs work (openness and flexibility are of utmost importance), we'll probably end up in a place neither of us have really considered. That's what happened last time. We moved to Colombia. And look how that turned out: we like it.

I don't think I could be more open or flexible. All I want is a place without skid loaders. Is that asking too much?

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N.D. said...

mama day sounds nice! I hope you enjoy!