Saturday, January 17, 2009

friday five: cement mixer edition

1. I googled "cement mixer" and can buy a concrete mixer or make a cement mixer shot or watch a video of cement mixers (one can only imagine how exciting that is). Right now I'm listening to a cement mixer churn the foundations for all the straight-edged condos going up next door. I try to pretend it's soothing white noise but am only really soothed once it stops. I think I better understand Earth First activists dumping sugar in gas tanks.

2. Citizen Diplomacy. WPR's Joy Cardin interviewed Sherry Mueller, president of the National Council for International Visitors, this morning about recruiting Americans to be diplomats around the world. Mueller suggests that our interactions abroad are so vital to improving America's image around the world. "The stereotypes are pretty grim," Mueller said, but we can change that. Sister cities and exchanges are one way for us to get to know people around the world. And for people around the world to get to know us.

I know that my students feel strongly that Colombia is largely misunderstood. And I agree with them. Some of our coworkers had family visit over the holidays and one told me that her mom just felt so much better seeing Colombia and knowing that the idea in her head wasn't reality. Parts of Colombia, like parts of any country, are sad, imperfect, corrupt, tragic. But, wow, am I glad I live here. Because Colombia is also amazingly beautiful, calm, inviting, promising.

3. This week import teachers had to let administration know: do I stay or do I go. Stress. Ugh. Those of us not ready to return to the States are turning in our resignations without knowing where we go next. Yikes. But landing our next jobs aside, many of us are beginning our List of Lasts. This is the last time visiting Salento. This is my last run over rio Pance. I don't think I've hit any last lasts yet. I'll probably be a basketcase in June.

4. Claire is growing. I skipped my run this afternoon to come home and cuddle. She's too sweet. She outgrew her cradle and the school is working on getting us a bed for her - we don't want to buy a crib we'd just have to sell in a few months that Justin will outfit with boards to keep her from rolling onto tile. That'll work until she starts pulling herself up (sooner than we think, I'm sure) and standing. Then she'll get a mattress on the floor. Like a college student. Right now she sleeps between us on our full size bed (FULL SIZE, not queen). Claire's a bed hog. She migrates at night. I sleep like a statue for the first time in my life.

5. This whole story gave Justin chill bumps. We wondered what something like this does to a person's sense of spirituality. Did people pray? Did anyone decide they do believe in God? It was just so nice to get a story that ended well.

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