Monday, January 26, 2009

for grandmas & grandpas & aunts & uncles & cousins, oh my!

This girl loves to look around. This is in Bogota, on our way to the U.S. Embassy. You rarely see car seats and very few cabs actually have accessible seat belts. Try not to think about that too much.
Our sweetpea.
And doesn't every kid get propped up between a sofa arm and a pillow? Looking a little bewildered by this whole sitting up business.


Anonymous said...

you know those are cute. that b/w picture made it to my background screen - and the others would have if i had more computers.......
missing you both. love dad.

Anonymous said...

OH Claire is soo cute! she is growing a lot.
Aunt MaryGrace

N.D. said...

Very cute pics!

Anonymous said...

She is adorable guys! Good luck at the job fair. Missed you at Christmas

Love the Klickos