Sunday, January 4, 2009

cali sweet cali

Back at last. Sometimes vacations get a little long. A lot long. We had a wonderful time but when you rummage through your suitcase looking for, praying for one last clean pair of underwear and socks - well, you may as well just get on a plane and go home. So we did.

Bogota and Villa de Leyva were great. Especially loved staying at Bonnie and William's finca outside of Villa de Leyva. So restful.

We spent Christmas in Bogota eating carrot sticks and frozen pizza. We could have gone out to eat but did enough of that on other days. We did get out for a nice walk around the neighborhood and stopped at a panderia (bakery) for treats including the best arequipe (sort of like soft caramel) cookie ever. New Year's was celebrated in Villa de Leyva, eating take out sandwiches and playing gin rummy. Then I laid awake while everyone in the village set a match to anything likely to go boom. Justin slept. Claire slept. I stared at the ceiling beams before deciding my wakefulness might be better spent writing. So I welcomed 2009 sitting on the closed toilet seat with my notebook. Woo hoo.

I'll post pictures. Sometime. Claire was a great travel buddy, so happy. Justin wasn't too cranky either. Me? I had my fussy moments. But I love this country and enjoyed seeing more of it. Beautiful place.

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N.D. said...

Sounds like a nice time. Welcome back and happy new year!