Tuesday, January 6, 2009

bogota (put an accent mark over that a)

We enjoyed Colombia's capitol city. Spent two mornings at the U.S. Embassy and afternoons in the north, walking around Zona Rosa and La Candelaria, enjoying good restaurants (met up with Cali friends Ben and Laura Elena on Christmas Eve for Mexican) and some shopping. Christmas and the day after, we stayed close to the apartment. Good walks. Then it was on to Villa de Leyva.
One of us isn't happy. All of us were a little chilly.
Found our thumbs. Everyone's happy. Claire doesn't curl her fingers into a fist when she sucks her thumb so we didn't either.

Passport day! A couple of hours on U.S. soil. I was expecting a welcome brunch of champagne and fruits and little chocolates shaped like shells. I happily settled for a stack of Better Homes & Gardens and Martha Stewart Living. Magazines in English are such a treat - especially when you don't have to pay fifteen bucks for one. All went well. A passport with Claire's name on it is in the mail.

La Plaza de Bolivar. Justin pointed out that a Colombian town isn't a Colombian town unless you've got a few tributes to good ol' Simon Bolivar.
La Catedral Primada y Capilla del Sagrario en la Plaza de Bolivar.
One place worth going in Bogota is the Museo de Oro. The Gold Museum features artifacts from all over Colombia including these nose rings. I think I'd heard it before, but a repeat of the legend of El Dorado was interesting.

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Hi Sarah,

I was actually looking up how to put a 'tilde' over the letter 'a' when typing, and it brought me to this page. It's ironic becuase for the past 5 months I've been looking for a teaching job in Bogota, and nothing great has come through yet. Then I stumbled upon your blog here and read that you work as a teacher in Colombia. I would love to ask you some questions regarding teaching! It would be so nice to be able to correspond with someone like you who is in the country. I was there in December and fell in love with it. Anyway, let me know if you're up for sharing info! My email is cein44@hotmail.com, and I'd prefer to email back and forth. Thanks so much! Cein