Friday, December 19, 2008

friday five

1. Claire is taking a bottle. What a relief. She'd been doing fine when Justin gave her a bottle but was still fussy about Patricia feeding her. Last night Justin and I went to a school Christmas party while Claire stayed with Patricia. I half expected to come home to a hysterical, hungry baby. Not so. Now there's one less worry when I return to work in January.

2. A forty mile week. Yea for running. Today is a rest day but I'm going to try for ten miles tomorrow morning. That will be the first ten miler I've run since early pregnancy. Running is going well. Yesterday I was two miles into my run when I just couldn't take it anymore: old running shoes. I dug out my new pair and finished the miles running on air. Usually I trade out my shoes every three to four months depending on mileage but this last pair I ran in for almost six months. I need to get back to switching pairs every other day. Saves some money.

3. Missing snow? A week or so ago, we called the Marslenders and Justin and his father talked about the weather. "Oh, it's about seventy degrees and - oh! - there's a hummingbird," I heard Justin gloat. At this time of year, we win. You can't paint Wisconsin snowstorms and windchills glorious and we aren't dumb enough to forget bitter cold and dirty slush. But right now the only snow we see is the giant holiday store decorations - which always makes me wonder: why snowflakes in Colombia? Does Singapore smack up snowflakes everywhere at Christmastime too? Australia? Anyway, there are days when I miss snow. Mostly because I miss wearing sweaters and griping about winter. Also because new snow is pretty.

4. Passaporte la proxima semana. Next week we travel to Bogota for Claire's passport. I picked up her photo this week and she looks like a thug. Like: What of it? You wanna sleep with the fishes? I know people. She should be flanked by bodyguards. Maybe wearing a gold chain and eating her mama's meatballs. Perhaps her photo would have turned out better if she wasn't half asleep.

5. Next year in ___? Last year we celebrated Christmas in Peru and this year we'll be staying in Colombia. We'll be attending the Search Associates Cambridge job fair in February. A few of our teaching friends have also launched their job search and so we're busy comparing notes and dreaming possibilities. Justin and I have our favorites but we know that the job fair weekend is up down all around. We've found schools we like in South America, Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. We're also exploring parts of Asia. So. It's anyone's guess right now. Wow. None of those options include crashing in my parents' basement for a couple of months, so here's to hoping we land a contract. Though I'm sure Ruth and Ellie would share their space and throw nightly slumber parties for Claire.

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N.D. said...

Thanks for stopping over to my blog with some encouragement!!! I really hate pregnancy. Sounds like your running is doing well, are you back to your normal mileage/pace? Around where you are now, I am planning on running the Boston marathon. Does that sound like something you could do at this time? lots of walking? Or just crawling? Would love to hear how you are feeling with running at this time.. but I'm also going to read your old posts to see!
Sounds like an interesting christmas too! Enjoy the holidays!